Meet The Artists!

Howdy!! We are Alyssa & Shelby, a fun queer ass couple living in Brisbane, Australia! We have always been artistically minded, over the years of owning Albi Arts our artistic direction has taken us on many different routes. However we believe that we have finally found what we are truly passionate about and are so excited to bring you our creations! Whether that be through Rugs, Portraits or products to soothe your mind from a hectic day!

Tuft Who?!

Tuft Titties is our newest and most exciting project yet! One day while scrolling the dark depths of youtube, Alyssa came across this new craze over in America! Rug Tufting! We have always loved being hands on artists and this was something we noticed hadn't entirely hit Australian shores yet! Creating rugs 100% from scratch in our own studio was not something we ever saw coming, however it is honestly the most rewarding experience being able to create an amazing decor piece for someone's home that just screams its them and their personality unapologetically.