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Looks Queen You Better Drag Fridge Magnet

Looks Queen You Better Drag Fridge Magnet

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Drag up your fridge with this STUNNING Looks Queen and her amazing iconic outfits.

We designed these dolls as a way to express yourself at home without even having to take a shower. Dress your doll each day to match your mood and vibe or live your alter ego fantasy! And remember you are FABULOUS!!!


This Looks Queen can also share clothes and outfits with Both the Gothy Queen and Beauty Queen!

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Customer Reviews

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Belinda Leigh
Brilliant idea!

Who didn’t love playing with paper dress up dolls when they were younger?
These brilliant ladies made a magnetic drag version happen and I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw these at Drag Expo in Melbourne.
Naturally I got myself a set and had to come back to get more outfits.
I love that these are all interchangeable and can be used on any Queen.
How fun!
Brilliant idea