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The New Normal || Children's Book

The New Normal || Children's Book

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The New Normal Children's Poetic Picture Story Book
AlbiArts x Shadow & Thorn Presents:

The New Normal by Lizi McIntosh & Alyssa Ouston

One Mum, Two Dads

Non-binary, Trans

No matter how big

No matter how small

Family is something to be adored

Gone should be the days of judging a person or family because of their race, gender, disability or preference of who they choose to love. Animals never judge their family and neither should you. Let's educate children together to make sure that we can help create a more accepting, inclusive and understanding future for generations to come.



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I bought this book for my 2.5 year old after his Dad and I broke up. He loves books, but has his favourites that we re read constantly, so I wasn’t sure if he would want to listen to this one yet, but to my surprise it has become his new favourite! Each night when he asks for a story, this is the one he reaches for. While I’m not sure he understands the meaning behind it just yet, I hope it does help him to understand that all families are different, yet all important, and full of love! Thank you for creating such a beautiful, easy to read book for children of all families. 100% recommend. 💖💖